Mondays–V2E40–Renaissance Festival

Harken back to the time of jesters, jokers, jousting and…funnel cakes. Okay, maybe not funnel cakes, except in my world.

Each year near the end of summer, the city of Wentzville hosts the St. Louis Renaissance Festival on the wooded, hilly grounds of Rotary Park. If you like things medieval and being surrounded by lords and ladies and wenches and knights, and if you like to dress up in costume, this is the experience for you.

My lovely daughter several years ago at the Festival

It has something for everyone; food and drink, stage acts, street acts, musical groups, royal court, jousting and aerial acts. And each weekend of the six week stay has a different theme. We just happened to attend the first weekend which was “Highland Fling”.  The Festival website describes the weekend as:

The Highland Fling weekend will have you cheering for your favorite athlete in our Celtic Games. Come join on the fun as you experience our Scottish weekend, full of contests, vendors, and the annual Highland Games.

Or if you’re like me, just people watching was great fun.

The most fun besides just people watching were the aerial acts…

and by far the best, the jousting. That was a new experience for me and I loved it. Our knight, in red and black, was a Bradley Cooper-looking guy which made it very (wink, wink) enjoyable.
The festival runs for five more weekends, so I just might have to have another go at it. And of course, who wouldn’t want to be Queen for a Day or just a moment?

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