Mondays–V3E5–Old Rockers

What do these two things have to do with each other? They are both old rockers.
One I got way back in 1974 when my oldest child was a baby and the other is a quartet of 70 something-year-old men singing their hearts out as they have been for over forty years.
This was back then…This is now…

I may have mentioned that we have a really nice concert venue, The J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts on the campus of Lindenwood University, about a mile from our house. It’s a small venue with only 1200 seats, but this means it’s less crowded and easier to get in and out of.

The flashing stage lights were enough to blind you at times. The music was loud, the voices were loud and occasionally, you could tell some of those voices weren’t exactly in tune. A couple of times, the men looked like some of us when we’re trying to get around and the old bones just don’t want to work right. There is a commercial for Boys in the Band where the group comes out dressed as old men with canes and walkers, and although Oakridge wasn’t that bad, you could definitely see they were spring chickens anymore. But then neither were most everyone in the audience.

The Boys sang some of their iconic songs as well as songs from their new album Front Porch Singing (and they really have included an album as well as digital and cd). As a nod to the older rocker audience, William Lee Golden included the words “Thank God of Grandkids” in his original hit of Thank God for Kids.

Of course, the closing song was what we had all waited to hear. It was a sea of gray hair, white hair and no hair, all on their feet rocking out to Elvira. Our hearts were definitely on fire for Elvira.

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