Mondays–V3E8–February Blahs

The Great Hunter and I have really been experiencing the February Blahs. Neither one of us really wants to go anywhere or do anything when the temperature is hanging about 30 degrees. Mother Nature, of course, teases us and gives us a nice day or two only to shove us back into the deep freeze the next day. We’ve definitely had more winter weather this year than what we’ve had the last couple of years and as I’m sitting here typing we are under a winter storm warning again.

I went bowling, something I didn’t think I’d ever do again. I went with my son, daughter-in-law and grandson. The last time I went bowling,  and this was a couple of years ago, once I stood up with the ball on the lane, I was completely frozen. I didn’t know what to do and couldn’t seem to get my feet to work. It was a really strange feeling. Needless to say, that excursion go so well.

We went to the same bowling alley where I used to bowl on a league when the boys were younger. We’d go every Wednesday night and each week, it was a money pit. There was a small arcade in the building which kept the boys occupied while I bowled, but also cost me an arm and a leg. I would give them a certain amount of money to spend and when that was gone, it was gone.  Then, of course, when they weren’t occupied playing video games, they wanted to eat. Typical boys. So an evening of entertaining the boys, paying for food and  bowling, usually ended up being a $50 evening.

We bowled two games and by the end of those games, my hip and my knee were reminding me that I hadn’t done this in a long time. But just the fact that I was able to walk up to the lane marker, make my approach and actually throw the ball halfway decent was kind of exciting. It was a fun time. My son was never a bowler so he was really excited when he bowled a 144, the highest score he’d ever bowled. The Great Hunter elected not to go (stayed home and watched You Tube, of course) and met us for a late lunch afterward.

I wrote my granddaughter a letter the other day and I told her how much I hated the months of January and February and how thankful I am that February is coming to a close. It seems like all the other months of the year have something to offer.

March offers the promise of warmer weather and spring time.

April gives us more warmth, Easter and spring flowers.

May creeps us up to really nice weather and Memorial Day and the coming of summer.

June, well, June is just June, it will always be the best month of the year. School out, fresh mown grass, empty days. Gotta love the memories of June.

July is, of course, Independence Day and more summer fun, just like August.

September always brings the start of something new even if the school year now starts in August, memories are still of the year school year starting in September, with football and soccer.

October means brilliant colored falling leaves, Halloween and bonfires.

November is Thanksgiving and preparations for the upcoming holiday season.

Then, there’s December. The busiest season of the year.

So once you get through December and have a minute to catch your breath, you’re stuck in the doldrums of January and February. I swear one day I’m going to be a snow bird.

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