The Forest of Vanishing Stars

The Forest of Vanishing Starts by Kristen Harmel.

If you are a fan of historical fiction, especially stories set during World War II, this book is well worth your time. It is a story about World War II that I hadn’t heard told before. Amazon describes it as:

After being stolen from her wealthy German parents and raised in the unforgiving wilderness of eastern Europe, a young woman finds herself alone in 1941 after her kidnapper dies.

Her solitary existence is interrupted, however, when she happens upon a group of Jews fleeing the Nazi terror. Stunned to learn what’s happening in the outside world, she vows to teach the group all she can about surviving in the forest – and in turn, they teach her some surprising lessons about opening her heart after years of isolation.

But when she is betrayed and escapes into a German-occupied village, her past and present come together in a shocking collision that could change everything.

A caveat though; if you are squeamish, this book may be a little difficult in parts. It would be hard to tell a story about the treatment of Jews in Poland during World War II without there being some descriptions of violence.

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