Shadow Reels

CJ Box Shadows Reel
From Amazon’s review:

A day before the three Pickett girls come home for Thanksgiving, Joe is called out for a moose poaching incident that turns out to be something much more sinister: a local fishing guide has been brutally tortured and murdered.  At the same time, Marybeth opens an unmarked package at the library where she works and finds a photo album that belonged to an infamous Nazi official. Who left it there? And why?

She learns that during World War II, several Wyoming soldiers were in the group that fought to Hitler’s Eagles Nest retreat in the Alps—and one of them took the Fuhrer’s personal photo album. Did another take this one and keep it all these years?  When a close neighbor is murdered, Joe and Marybeth face new questions: Who is after the book? And how will they solve its mystery before someone hurts them…or their girls?

Meanwhile, Nate Romanowski is on the hunt for the man who stole his falcons and attacked his wife. Using a network of fellow falconers, Nate tracks the man from one city to another. Even as he grasps the true threat his quarry presents, Nate swoops in for the kill—and a stunning final showdown.

I have read, bought and enjoyed all C. J. Box’s  Joe Pickett series of books except this one. That’s hard to say because I am such a loyal fan. The bifurcated storyline of the Nazi photo album along with the recovery of Nate’s falcons made for disjointed reading. The Nazi photo album storyline read as though it should be the Mary Beth Pickett story instead of Joe Pickett story as she played at least as big a part as Joe. For the first time, I found myself skimming the pages and waiting for something interesting to happen.

The Nate Romanowski storyline was the most interesting part of the book and it wasn’t until the last quarter of the book, after the Nazi storyline was completed, that it took center stage. It almost felt as though it was an afterthought as it seemed like so much of the story was left out.

Even though I didn’t enjoy this book, I won’t give up on C.J.


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