Mondays–V3E14–Finally the Sewer

Way back last fall, I wrote that we had to have our lateral sewer line replaced. I got all the bids and accepted a contract and I thought all was set to go. But, no. We waited for two months and then finally, the week before Christmas, while my son, his wife, their two dogs and two cats were visiting, I got a call that the contractor wanted to start work on the sewer the next day. That was a big no too. I didn’t want to have the front yard torn up all during Christmas and visiting company, so I asked if we could wait until after Christmas. So wait we did. I started emailing the contractor  in the middle of March about a tentative start date and finally last week he told us he was ready to get the job done.

Of course, no job would be complete without the Great Hunter supervising.

The dig was nine foot deep and extended from the basement wall to the sidewalk at the street. When the contractor removed the pipe near the house, he pulled out a root ball two foot long. He said he didn’t know how we were not experiencing more basement backups.

And now we just wait until the ground settles so we can plant grass and hope it comes up. But, the bright side is, for the first time in over thirty years, with the combination of the drain tile, sump pump and new pipes, I may now have a completely dry basement!

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