Mondays–V3E19–Approaching the Silver

The Great Hunter and I will achieve a milestone this summer. We will have been married for 25 years. I know that’s not a huge amount to some of our friends who are coming up on their golden wedding anniversaries, but for the GH and I, it’s pretty big. Neither of us has a great marital track record before we got together. And to be honest, our first fifteen years were pretty rocky. We managed to stay together by not living together for a number of years. A little unconventional, but it worked for us. We were apart, but we were still together, if that makes any sense. It’s probably what allowed us to make it to this silver anniversary.

So to celebrate this milestone, we’ve been trying to decide on how we want to do it. Have a party? Take a big trip? Do both? We tossed around a road trip to Colorado or a train trip somewhere. Or maybe a trip like my brothers took to the Grand Canyon and Vegas. Or a gray-haired bus trip to Florida. Or maybe a big party with a two-tiered wedding cake. (I have this thing for pretty wedding cakes.)

I think I’ve mentioned before that GH does not plan family vacations. He will plan for his hunting trips or fishing trips, or trips with his sons, but if I had to wait for him to plan our trip, it might be another twenty-five years. I’m not sure why that is except it’s easier for him to be able to sit back and be told what and when to do it.

After being on the fence for a couple months, I realized the reason I was having so much trouble deciding on our trip is that I really don’t want to take a big trip. I don’t want to have to do all the planning on routes, hotels and times and all the other things that go with a large trip. So, I (and I say I, because if I want to do anything at all, I have to plan it) finally decided we’d spend a week at Table Rock Lake and see the sites in Branson. I went to Branson a couple years ago with some girlfriends and I enjoyed it so much that I want to do it again. And this time, I want to enjoy it with the Great Hunter.

P.S. We are still going to have a party, complete with my two-tiered pillar cake with pink flowers. Gotta have pink. Luckily, the GH doesn’t care.

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