Mondays–V3E21–Tuesday with Top Gun


The Great Hunter and I did something the other day that we haven’t done in quite a while. (Get your mind out of the gutter—it’s not that. Lol). We actually went out and spent the afternoon together. We haven’t made an effort recently to do that, mostly because I haven’t planned it. I know I’ve mentioned before that the GH doesn’t plan anything unless it’s for his own personal enjoyment. I think he is just so accustomed to me planning everything when it comes to the two of us that he doesn’t make an effort. I said I wasn’t planning a vacation this year, but of course, I did. And, if I don’t get on the ball and get to planning our 25th Anniversary celebration, there won’t be one of those either.

I told him a couple weeks ago that he was going to be responsible for Tuesday night dinners from now on. So far, we’ve had leftovers once and went out to eat twice. But, hey, I told him whatever he chose was fine. I don’t ask him what he wants to eat. I just make it and say “here it is.”

So for our excursion, we went to see Top Gun: Maverick with Tom Cruise. Our local theater has a $5.00 ticket all day on Tuesdays so we decided to take advantage of it and see this new movie. I’m one of those women who absolutely loved Tom Cruise and his sexy grin back in 1986 when the original movie came out. I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of his any longer, but for personal reasons none of which have anything to do with his acting ability.

I won’t even begin to give a real synopsis of the movie. Just suffice it to say there was a lot of jet plane flying, a love interest and of course, a death-defying ending. It was well worth the price of the discounted tickets.


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