Mondays–V3E22–Bucket List! Enjoy Illinois 300

Bucket List: Nascar Race: Check!

Wow, talk about an experience.  Ever since I heard that Nascar was coming to World Wide Technology Raceway just across the river from us in Madison, Illinois, I’ve wanted to go. The Great Hunter said he knew someone who worked in the Nascar circuit who could probably get us tickets.  He always seems to know someone who has a connection somewhere, but this time, his connection didn’t pan out,  in fact, the connection sort of ghosted him (see, I’m up on the hip lingo) and we didn’t get tickets. Unfortunately, by this time, it was a sold-out event. Eighty thousand people. Wow.

This is what 80,000 people looks like

.The GH’s youngest son and grandson, who live in southeast Missouri were coming up for the race to go with GH’s oldest son. Just so happened, the grandson didn’t come and an extra ticket was going to go to waste. The boys asked their dad if he wanted to go and he suggested they could ask me because he’d been to a race before and I’d never had and I really wanted to go. They did and I did and we did it! I’ve never spent alone time with either one of them (even though the GH and I have been married—almost—twenty-five years) so I thought it might be awkward, but it wasn’t. It was a great, although very hot and very loud day. Our seats were good because we could see everything, but they were three rows from the top of the tallest bleachers. Five flights up.
The prerace show included a visit by the Budweiser Clydesdales as well as fly-over from two B-1 bombers. They flew so low they rumbled the bleachers, blocked the sun and looked be just huge shadows overhead!

And then the race itself. It was very uneventful as far as Nascar races goes with no major wrecks. The current bad-boy of the circuit, Joey Lagano ended up beating the circuit favorite, Kyle Busch in the last lap of the race.

Gentlemen, start your engines! And….they’re off!

Joey Lagano crossing the finish line.
Joey Lagano finish line burn-out

It was such a good day. It took almost an hour to get out of the parking lot and we spent the time telling Great Hunter stories. We all had them. He has been a strong personality most of his life, but lucky for me, he’s definitely mellowed in his golden years. He proved it by giving up his seat and time with his sons, to me. Now, that’s love.

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