Ehlmanns in American–The 1870s

The 1870s

Herman Diedrich took his orphaned nephew, Dietrich (1856) the son of Dietrich’s brother Hermann Gerhard, to live with him and his wife, Maria (Anna Maria Elisabeth Bekebrede). The census for  1870 shows Dietrich living with him and his children, but not Anna (Anna Margaretha Adelheid). His children listed are:
Anna Elisa, age 15 (married M. H. Meyer), Anna age 12 (married Henry Solto), Caroline, age 9 (married a Jungermann), Fredrich, age 3 and Ludwig, age 8/12 months.

Anna Ehlmann, age 16 (Anna Margaretha Adelheid) is listed as living with her sister, Anna Maria Caroline Ermeling nee Ehlmann, who is the widow of Johann Diedrich Wilhelm Ermeling who died June 24, 1878. Also living with the Annas (but mother Anna is listed as Maria) are her three children, Henry (Henry Hermann) age 4, Louisa (Elise Helena Catherine) age 2 and Hermann, (Hermann Dietrich) age 8 months.

In 1870, Catherina Ehlmann (widow of Hermann Gerhard and J. W. Moehlenkamp), is living with her children , William Moehlenkamp, age 22, Margaret Moehlenkamp, age 14, Marry, age 12, and 7-year-old Herman Ehlmann, her surviving twin son with Hermann Gerhardt next door to properties owned by the Amerland, Hercules, Dugan and Banze families.

Anna Margaretha Adelheid Ehlmann, younger daughter of Hermann Gerhard married Johann Gerhard Wilhelm Buthfer on March 27, 1873. Their son, Louis H. Buthfer was born Feb. 4, 1874.

The below note is one of only four pieces of paper in Gerhardt Ehlmann’s probate estate. Anna Buthfer acknowledges receiving $33.95 from her guardian Uncle Diedrich Ehlmann.

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