Ehlmanns in America–The 1900s

The 1900s

The Plat Map from 1910 shows that near the western side of the St. Charles Township in Section 18 are two plots of land belonging to Hermann Ehlmann and Henry Ehlmann. Also in this area is land owned by William Boenker and Henry Heitgerd. (Wilhelmina Boenker married Theodore “Tate” Heitgerd in 1898 and became the parents of our grandma, Clara Heitgerd Ehlmann.

This property is located in the area of Hwy 364 and Kisker Road and the Heitgerd property is now Sterling Heights Apartments. I lived in these apartments in 1974 when they were called “The Farm Apartments” and Grandma and Grandpa Heitgerd’s house was the complex office.

In 1900, Dietrich and Maria are living on Washington Street in St. Charles. They have been married 35 years and have five living children out of six born. Dietrich immigrated in 1848 and is listed as a farm laborer.

The Lutheran Church played a big part in the lives of our ancestors. From the St. Charles Daily Banner, April 1, 1903:

The Harvester Lutheran picnic will be held May 28, 1903 in Kuhlman’s Grove, about 4 1/2 miles from St. Charles on the Boonslick Road, 1/2 mile below this place. Messrs. Judge Wm. H. Boenker and Herman Heitgerd were appointed as Marshals and John Kernkamp, Diedrich Ehlman, Rudolph Borcherding, Herman Schuerman, Fritz Thoele and Hy. H. Thoele were appointed on the special committee for that day…

Dietrich “Dick” Ehlmann is living in St. Charles Township with his with Caroline and their seven children Bertha, age 17, Gustef age 15, Amiel age 11, Edwin age 9, Matha age 7, Linda age 5 and Martien age 2.

On June 30, 1903, Anna Moehlenkamp, the widow of John Wm. Moehlenkamp, and her children, Geo H. Moehlenkamp & Louisa, M. M. Moehlenkamp, Benjamin D. Moehlenkamp & Bertha, Benj. Fr. Bruns & Martha L., Henry H. Bruns & Mary H., Henry Moehlenkamp & Julia, Henry J. Moehlenkamp & Emma A., heirs of John William Moehlenkamp conveyed to Dietrich H. Ehlmann 0 acres for the price of $4379 in Township 46 Range 4, along with 5 33/100 acres north quarter of Sec. 15, same two tracts same property deeded to Wm. Moehlenkamp, plus 20 acres on Greens Bottom Rd. This is the farm we all knew and loved.

From the St. Charles Banner News August 13, 1903:

Mr. and Mrs. Hy. J. Moehlenkamp moved to St. Charles Wednesday to reside in the …Diedrich Ehlmann moved his family to his new farm Wednesday, which was the late home of Mr. Moehlenkamp. We wish Mr. Ehlman much success in future.

Front row: Mrs. Schuermann, Mrs. Ehlmann, Mr. Diedrich Elmann, Mrs. Thoele, Mr. Herman Thoele, Mrs. Barklage, Mrs. Ehlmann, Mrs. Louise Heitgerd. Second row: Mrs. Huster, Mr. Herman Kisker, Mr. Bill Amrein, Mr. Carl Oetting, Mrs. Meers, Mr. George Meers, Mrs Henry Thoele, Mr. Henr Thoele, Mrs. Rose Thoele. Third Row: Miss Casnelia Heitgerd, Miss Julia Nesslage, Miss Pearl Moehlenkamp

On August 1, 1909 the congregation of Zion Lutheran Church celebrated its 25th anniversary. The history of Zion Lutheran reads as follows:

On 1 Aug 1909 the congregation, in the elaborately decorated church with beautiful weather, celebrated the 25th anniversary
with many in attendance, held two church services and a dinner in the school. In the morning Pastor Iben preached 2 services, Exodus 20,24 his text, and in the afternoon Pastor Fuehler preached with Psalm 87 as his text. Both sermons were suitable to entice the festive mood and celebration with thanks. Pastors Friedrich and Fuehler in the name of their congregation brought the best wishes for al. Special thanks goes to the anniversary committee as we as ladies and girls for their support of the event.
During the service the following was read to the congregation by the undersigned: “This was brought about by the Lord and a miracle  happened in front of our eyes” so that we were able to celebrate our 25th anniversary of the congregation, with the 23 verse of Psalm 118, loved in the Lord, rejoice dear congregation and guests It was meaningful assembly for our congregation which took place the 28th of July 1884 in our school, presided by pastor Graebner. With the best, and heartiest wishes from our church on this day the Zions congregation with 15 members of the 5th District was founded. These are Hermann Ferenkamp, Wilhelm Boenker, Heinrich Dierker, Heinrich Barklage, Johann Moehlenkamp, Dietrich Thoele, Heinrich Thoele, Hermann Thoele, Herman Ehlmann, Heinrich Ehlmann, teacher Walter, Heinrich Luerding, Hermann Schuermann, Gerhard Schrage, W Meier. As per protocol, the Immanuels Congregation on 13 July, 1884, after lengthy discussion, decided…to release…so that they may be self-sustaining.


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