Ehlmanns in America–The 1910s

The 1910s

I don’t know when I realized there were two Martin Ehlmanns in the area. One, of course, was Grandpa, Martin Louis, and the other was Martin Diedrich. Martin Diedrich was the son of Henry T. (Hermann Dietrich’s youngest son) and Minnie (Haverkamp) and was born in 1901, meaning there were only two years difference between the Martins.

In 1910, our widowed Great Grandfather, Hermann Dietrich Ehlmann (1856) was living with this other Martin and his parents on their farm in the area of what is now Ehlmann Road. H. D. Ehlmann, F. Ehlmann (Fred) and H. T. Ehlmann all own property in this area. Their land is part of the large Hollrah plantation that was originally 1200 acres but was sold off before and after the civil war due to there being no slaves to work the land.

Twp 46 North Range 4 East Twps 47 & 48 North Range 4 East

On May 9, 1913, Clarence, the twelve-year-old son of Anna Ehlmann  (Feb. 7, 1866) and her husband, Louis Buthfer, died suddenly from Laryngismus Stridulous. An article in the  St.  Charles Banner News read:

Clarence, the twelve-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Buthfer residing on Washington Street, between Seventh and Eight Streets, died at 12:45 a.m. today, Friday, May 9, 1913 o croup. The child was well and played ball with the neighbors’ boys until late in the afternoon. At night the boy was croupy and his mother awakened him to administer a dose of medicine. He was immediately taken with a bad spell and his father and mother hurried him down stairs to the kitchen, where bey attempted to relieve him. His father had just called up a doctor by telephone when Clarence rushed to the sink and made motion with his hands as if to attempt to get some water to his mouth. His father leaped to his assistance and grabbed him in the arms just as he fell back and died.

This death is especially sad and the Banner-News joins them any friends of the family in tendering most sincere sympathy.

Louis’ age was 12 years, 1 month and 15 days.

The funeral will take place Sunday, May 11, with services at the house at 1:30 and from thence the remains will be taken to the Lutheran Church and cemetery.

Clarence was the only child. The mother is reported to be prostrated and in a critical condition.

Koenig and Achelpohl have the funeral.

Clarence was the grandson of Anna Margaretha Adelheid Ehlmann (1854–Hermann Diedrich 1856 sister) and her husband, Johann Gerhard William Buther whom she married March 1, 1873.

On September 6, 1916 Obituary, the St. Charles Banner-News ran an obituary for Herman “Dietrich” Ehlmann (1827):

Herman Ehlmann Pioneer Resident Has Passed Away”

“He was One of Organizers of the Lutheran Church in This County. Home Near Cave Spring.”

Herman Ehlmann, 89 years, 7 months and 25 days old, died at his home at Cave Spring, this county yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, September 6, at 3 p.m. His death is due to the gradual fading of energy due to old age.
The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Lutheran Church, this city, with interment in the cemetery of that congregation.
Herman Diedrich Ehlmann was born in Westphalia, Germany, but came to this country when about 21 years old. He first located at Mobile, and later at St. Charles, finally coming to St. Charles County and going on the farm near Cave Spring, where he died. His son, Henry, has been in charge of the place for a number of years.
The deceased was married twice, the first time in 1850. After her death he married his second wife some twenty years later. She also preceded him to the grave.
He leaves the following children by his first wife: Mrs. Anna Solto, wife of Henry Solto; Mrs Caroline Jungermann, wife of Henry Jungermann, Fred and Henry Ehlmann.
Mr. Ehlmann was the last survivor of those pioneer band of Christians who organized the Lutheran Church in this county. He has been a devout church member all of his life.

Martin Louis Georg Ehlmanngrandpa elhmann
Martin Louis Georg (our grandpa) was born December 27, 1896. He was the last child of Hermann Dietrich and his wife Carolina “Carrie” nee Bull.
World War I Draft Registration
grandpa wwI
grandpa wwi photo

During the decade of the 1910s, Martin’s brothers and sisters all married:

Bertha Marie Katherine married Fred H. “Fritz” Nesslage September 15, 1905 (previous decade)
Gustaf Christian H. married Lissette Louise Wilhelmine Kisker November 16, 1910
Johann Emil (listed as Amiel on some census records) married Laura Kuhlman May 8, 1912
Edwin Herman married Martha Esselman November 11, 1919
Meta Sophia married Henry Oetting August 26, 1914
Linda Anna Frederike married Herman Schone February 23, 1916

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