Mondays–V3E33–Flying into October Playoffs

Wow, here it is the first week of October. Where has the time gone? It seems like we were on vacation just last week and the days were hot and dry. Well, the days are dry now, too dry. But it’s starting to get cooler and we had our first frost warning last night. Time to bring in all the outdoor plants and try to find a place to put them. One thing my house lacks is window space. My two biggest windows are both under a roof, which cuts way down on the available light. Last year I had to revert to a plant light to keep all my plants alive.

View from Montelle Winery, August, Missouri

I’ve always loved October when the leaves start turning colors and I even like November. But the older I get the more it depresses me that following the lovely fall temps and colors, and the busyness of the holidays, comes the bleak, cold, icy days of winter. I really, really want to be a snowbird, but alas, my bank account nixes that idea.

We here in St. Louis are very fortunate that our baseball Cardinals have done so well throughout the years. This year, as we have in many Octobers in the past, our beloved Cardinals are playing in the postseason.  Last week, the Cardinals won the National League Central Division. They played the first game of the Wild Card Series yesterday and boy we thought we had it in the bag, but…the gods of baseball had other ideas. We lost the game 6-3 in the 9th inning. So they have to win tonight, or they are done for the season The last three years they’ve gone into the playoffs but were eliminated in the first round. The year 2011 was the last World Series win for the Cardinals. I wish I was more optimistic about their chances especially if they win tonight, my son and grandson get to go to the game tomorrow. They could do no wrong the last couple weeks of the regular season; I want to see that team play and win. Yadi, Wano and Albert deserve to go out in a blaze of glory.

***Update***The Cardinals lost the second game of the Wild Card series to the Phillies and they are done for the year. Goodby Albert, Wano and Yadi! You will definitely be missed!


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