Several weeks ago, our son told us he was taking us to a Blues Hockey game. Ok, I thought, I’ve never been to a hockey game. “Back in the day” Midwest kids didn’t play hockey. I grew up mostly watching, playing and listening to baseball. Football was “cool” for Friday nights. Basketball was popular in high school, but it might have been because we girls liked to watch the guys run around in their little shorts  (and for me, one particular basketball center.)

Our St. Louis Blues Hockey team is a really big thing here in Metro St. Louis. In 2019 the area went crazy when the Blues won the Stanley Cup; it had been forty-nine years since their last Stanley Cup win. “Play Gloria” their theme song was heard everywhere. The  Muny’s play, Guys and Dolls even stopped mid-scene when the Blues won and everyone in the entire place stood and sang Gloria. It was a really exciting time.

‘The Blues were playing the Los Angeles Kings which was actually the reason we went to this game. My daughter-in-law is from California and the Kings were her team. They discovered that Wayne Gretsky had played for both the Blues and the Kings so naturally, they needed matching jerseys.

I don’t know much about hockey and the Great Hunter doesn’t know much more, but we had a good time. The game was a total bust for us Blues fans, but my DIL loved it as her Kings beat the Blues 5-1. I asked the fans behind us not to give her too hard of a time when she stood and cheered since she’s a transplant and doesn’t know any better yet (but after the fourth and fifth goals, she was fair game, lol.)

The Blues mascot “Louie” keeps the crowd entertained

There’s lots and lots of downtime during the game for televised commercial breaks, but there was always something going on to entertain the fans.

.I’m glad we went. I can’t say it was on my bucket list, but it was a new experience and I got to spend time with three of my most favorite people.


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