Mondays–V3E38–Loose Threads or Loose Screws?

I’m sure the Great Hunter would probably agree that I have a screw or two loose, and while that might be true, it’s not what I’m referring to. My Quilt Guild is called Loose Threads. I started quilting about four years ago and up until last year, it was something I did on my own. I found the Loose Threads Quilt Guild, but then Covid hit and it wasn’t until 2021 that they resumed their meetings.

I’ve made quilts for all my daughters-in-law, my two oldest grandkids and several others and I’ve made some just for me. Our Loose Threads quilt guild sponsored its first quilt show since 2019 last weekend and it was a big success.

The quilts entered were all made by members of our guild and there were over 300 entries. Some were completely breathtaking. This one took Best of Show and it definitely was.

I entered five pieces that I’ve made over the past few years, two of which I only entered because, in the beginning, there weren’t that many entries. One quilt I’ve written about before in my blogpost “Labor of Love“.

It was an embroidered quilt top made by my mom made for my daughter over forty years ago. My mom died in 1987 and the quilt top was packed away for all that time until I was inspired to finish it last year.

I entered that quilt into the quilt show. I was walking around doing my “white glove” duties (basically policing the quilts to keep any handsy people from touching the quilts and the gloves aren’t white anymore just inexpensive plastic.)  I saw several people stopping and reading the tag and talking about it. I thought if any of my entries had a chance of winning anything, it would have been that quilt.

But much to my great surprise, another quilt I entered, won third place in its category of Medium Wall or Table Quilts. It was made in a classic wedding ring pattern and embellished with embroidered and crocheted pieces I picked up at thrift and antique malls. The idea came from a Facebook page “1914 Boehm House Vintage Linens Classes” and instructor Rhonda Cox Dort. I had never made a wedding ring quilt before. It was pretty challenging (sewing curves is definitely on a learning curve) but I enjoyed it. I am very much partial to old fashioned looking things. (Matches my 1916 Singer Trendle sewing machine in my dining room.)

I had signed up to help with the quilt takedown. I tried to guilt the Great Hunter into helping by saying if he didn’t help, he didn’t love me as much as some of the other husbands who came along to help–he didn’t, but he does. When I got to the show for the quilt takedown after the ribbons had been awarded, I walked through looking for my quilts, but somehow, I missed this one. I wasn’t even aware that I had won a ribbon until I picked it up after the show. The lady handed me the quilt encased in plastic and when I looked at the quilt I saw the ribbon peaking out of a fold. My first thought was that it was put there by mistake.

I was so shocked. I haven’t won anything like this since 6th grade when I won an ecology poster contest (and I remember at that time I was so surprised because I really hadn’t put that much effort into it). But this quilt was another Labor of Love and I did put a lot of effort into it.

P.S. Sorry about the quality of the photos. The Great Hunter took them and I didn’t realize they were not sharp until I posted them. Bless his heart, he tries and as I’m writing this, he is being just that, the Great Hunter hunting Bambi. 😍😍

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