Mondays–V3E40–Thankful for Enough

Gratitude by Jack Garren*

Back a couple of weeks ago, before I’d seen the doctor about my weight loss, I was very concerned that something (meaning cancer) was truly wrong with me. I’ve watched my dad, my mom and both my brothers endure treatments that ultimately did no good except ruin their remaining months on earth. I think this is what scares me the most about cancer is that sometimes (and all the time with my family) the last remaining months are spent going from doctor to doctor and enduring treatments that disfigure or make you deathly ill or loose your hair, all to no avail.

I was with my youngest grandson one afternoon during this time. The sun was shining and it was fairly warm for an early November day, and as I stood watching him ride his scooter around the park, I started to pray.

I thanked God that I had enough.

I had enough wealth to support my husband and me and be able to help my adult children or grandchildren at times.

I had enough health because those issues that have plagued me, Afib, high Cholesterol, and marginally high blood pressure, are all controlled mostly by medication.

I thanked him that I had enough family. I love the fact that I have four children. Some of my friends only have one or two and it seems that many times they are left in the lurch on holidays as that one child is busy with the other side of the family. I love the fact that I can watch my grandson play baseball and sit by my son, knowing that the boy on the field means the world to him. I love watching my granddaughter play volleyball, again beside my son, as he watches his baby girl (not a baby anymore) he adores. My older grandchildren both entered the military and I got to experience the joy of watching them graduate from Boot Camp and AIT, sitting beside my daughter as she (ok, me too) cried happy tears. And I still enjoy watching my youngest grow up and watch my son be the father he never had.

I thanked God that I had enough friends. I have friends from work, friends from church, friends from way back, close neighbors, and new friends I’ve made through my quilt guild.

I thanked God that he had given me enough talent to be able to accomplish things like sewing and needlework and jewelry making.

I thanked God that he had given me enough intelligence that I was able to land and keep a job that provided for me and my children and through that job, still provides for me today.

I thanked God that he has given me enough of everything I need to enjoy my life and I’m grateful for every day that I can roll out of bed, even if it isn’t so easy every once in a while (dang sacroiliac joints.) I’ve never had an overabundance of anything except love, all of which He has given me throughout my life. I know that when this life is over, I will go to Heaven where I’ll get to see all those people who were near and dear to me that have already gone through those pearly gates. But I’m not in any hurry. I love the life he’s given me here on earth and for that, I am very, very thankful, but I want to stay for as long as possible

Happy Thanksgiving!

****The story of Grace and Gratitude

In 1918, an elderly man named Charles Wilden entered the photographic studio of Eric Enstrom in Bovey, Minnesota, and a photograph was taken which became world-famous. The photograph taken by Enstrom, showing Wilden praying over his meal, was titled “Grace.” Enstrom’s daughter, Mrs. Rhoda Nyberg, later created a hand-painted version, and the scene became so popular, as it expressed the theme of contentedness and thankfulness for the simple things in life, that it was reproduced throughout the world. This iconic image (which is in the public domain) is, as of 2002, Minnesota’s state photograph.

In the 1960’s, at the behest of Edmund L. Dickson, a companion photograph (which is copyrighted) was made by Jack Garren of Centralia, Illinois, showing Mrs. Myrtle Copple, Garren’s grandmother, praying over a similar scene. This image, which is often paired with the other, is called “Gratitude.”

Together, the two pictures represent “Grace” and “Gratitude” or the free gifts of God’s provision combined with thankful receiving hearts.



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