Mondays–V3E42–Daniel Boone by Candlelight

I wrote previously about the Daniel Boone Home in Femme Osage, which is in the southwest portion of our county.  Although this home is called the Historic Daniel Boone Home at Lindenwood Park, it is actually the home built by Daniel’s youngest son, Nathan Boone.  The Boones had moved there from Kentucky in late 1799.

 Daniel’s move to Nathan’s place is recorded in an official document from 1806 to the Federal Land Commission concerning Daniel’s original (and unsettled) land grant: “Colonel D. Boone states to the Board, that, on his arrival in Louisiana, he took up his residence, with his lady, at his son Daniel M. Boone’s, in the said district of Femme Osage, and adjoining the lands he now claims; that they remained there until about two years ago, when he moved to a younger son’s, Nathan Boone, where he now lives. (Wikipedia)

Daniel died in this home on September 26, 1820. Nathan and his family lived there until they moved further south in 1837.

Photo by Justin Hill

The Daniel Boone home was donated to St. Charles County and is now a county park. At Christmas time, the home and surrounding village are decked out in candles that line the walkways and stairs. Boy Scouts volunteer to help maintain the hundreds of candles.  Throughout the village men and women in period costumes act out vignettes of the time period.

Our tickets were for 8:00 p.m. and we were fortunate it wasn’t bitterly cold. We strolled the grounds in relative comfort and listen to the actors and actresses who portrayed their characters so well, you could almost feel you were a part of that life so long ago.

The General Store from Schluersburg, Missouri, circa 1840. What is top of your Christmas list? Do you need fine tobacco?
Sappington-Dressel House. The German-accented actors told the story of St. Nicholas. children leave their shoes near the fireplace or front door on the night of 5 December. The next morning, they should find that their footwear has been filled overnight with small presents and treats by Nikolaus.
In the kitchen (lowest level) of the Boone House.
The Old Peace Chapel, circa 1850 from New Melle, Missouri

Another Christmas tradition to check off my list. Harry Connick Jr. tomorrow, Boars Head Festival and Ambassadors of Harmony next weekend. Golly, Christmatime is so fun!



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