Mondays–V4E10–Good Fences…Pt. 2

We did it. With the help of all our adult sons and about $1,000, we got our new fence up and the only casualty was the Spectrum cable. It took two days and it’s all but finished. The last panel has proven to be most difficult due to three separate underground wires that run through this area and an old large tree stump.  Our house is probably the lowest house in the neighborhood. I know it sits 10′ below the house behind us, which has always created a huge problem with water runoff. Judging by the fact that we can now see the concrete the original post of the chain link fence along the back property line, we’ve probably lost several feet of ground in the last thirty years.  The Great Hunter worked tirelessly, almost to the point that I was concerned he was overdoing it.

We started out Saturday morning going to our local Lowes and bought the posts and panels and when we got home, GH began using the rented gas-powered post hole digger. After digging the holes, we leveled the posts and used “Quikrete” concrete mix to stabilize them.

We put in a total of eleven posts. Luckily we were able to use one of our old posts which we had never removed when we took down our partial privacy fence years ago. The underground cables were so close to the fence line we weren’t able to dig a hole for a new post.

On Sunday all my sons and even a friend of my youngest came over and together they got all the fence panels up. I was so glad there were younger, stronger men there to take some of the weight (literally) off the Great Hunter.

The only casualty was this underground wire that went to our cable television.

The fence looks so nice. We still have to fill the gaps at the bottom of the fence with either landscape timbers or blocks but after years of looking at the decaying and rotting neighbor’s fence, it’s so pleasing to see what we have now. I am so very thankful that the Great Hunter is healthy and capable of doing such hard work. He’s got a birthday coming up at the end of the month and he will be 78.



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