About Marsha

After thirty years in Law Enforcement, I retired two years ago. I’ve taken advantage of my free time to pursue a desire I’ve had for a long time–getting a college degree. I received my Associates of Arts Degree in Applied Science, Multimedia/Web Design in December 2013. I had an instructor ask me the other day what field I planned on going into when I graduated and I told him “nothing!, I’m retired.” He laughed and said “So you are just doing this for fun?” And yes, it was fun, but the last semester especially with carrying fifteen credit hours, made it a lot of work.

Now I spend my time mostly doing what I enjoy. I have had to take a part time job due to the high cost of medical insurance, but I’ve limited myself to working less than twenty hours a week. I enjoy beading and photography and Photoshop and blogging. Couple these pursuits with my love of the great outdoors, my family and my grandkids, I’m a pretty busy lady and loving every minute of it!


  1. Marsha,
    Officer David Lamb was related to my next-door-neighbors and my best friend. Thank you so much for putting his story together.

    May I suggest a couple of cases for you to consider? Both are of personal interest to me but, with no law enforcement background, my attempts to get information via the internet have been unsuccessful.

    First, Frank Amelung, St. Charles city or county coroner, was murdered back in the late sixties or early seventies. I knew him because he was Kiwanis’ sponsor for Key Club of St. Charles High School, of which I was president (1965-67). Other Key Clubbers and I were frequently in his home and saw him at our meetings weekly. I’ve always wondered what happened to him.

    Second, a murder supposedly took place at Parker’s Drugstore, on Kingshighway, in St. Charles. I grew up a couple of blocks away and stopped in frequently as a kid to pick up candy. Ruthie Parker, the proprietor, was always kind to us children. My parents were friendly to Ruthie, but did mention a murder, probably to caution me against hanging around the drugstore on my own. I think it may have been committed by Ruthie’s husband (“Ace”?).

    Any light you can shed on either case would be most welcome to me and several old friends. Thanks again for the good research you did on Officer Lamb.

    Rev. David E. Murphy

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