Toes Pre-tape – Day Fourteen

IMG_0826 smaller

Today has been a really good day as far as pain is concerned. Last night before I went to bed, I took all the tape off my toes and the compression bandage off my instep and was able to sleep without my foot waking me up. With waking pain free, I decided to take advantage of the early morning temperature before the heat sky-rockets to the upper nineties and planted some replacement tomatoes. I even did some other yard work; cutting, trimming and pulling weeds before a nice long shower. You don’t know how much you miss luxuriating in a shower until you are taking a shower with a plastic bag on your foot and you are basically balancing on one foot. Everything looks great on my foot, well almost, with the exception of my first toe looking a little crooked, and yeah, I still can’t feel it or my second toe. I wonder how I’m going to manage when I need my next pedicure…hmmm, the pedicurists aren’t the most gentle of people, not to mention, most speak little English. I need to learn how to say “Be very careful” in Vietnamese.

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