Sexy night wear – Day Twenty One

IMG_0855 smaller

Talk about sexy night wear! I’m still wearing the boot at night and its beginning to look a little worse for wear. I had it on outside planting flowers and got mud all in the tread. That I definitely needed to be cleaned before I got in bed. The covers don’t move over the shoe, so I find I have to put both my feet outside the covers, oh, yeah, then I have to wear a sock to keep my other foot warm. I tried to go without the boot, but the covers touching my toes felt really weird. It didn’t hurt, but since I have no feeling still in the top of my first and second toe, it just feels weird. My first toe literally feels as though it isn’t connected to my foot. It feels like a floppy digit. I know its connected because the joint is now at a downward angle so when I do put a shoe on, I can feel that joint. I’ll be interested to see what the doctor says about this joint when I go back in a couple weeks.

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