Mother of Groom Pearl Bracelet

Mother of the Groom Pearl Bracelet

After many years of dating, my son and his girlfriend are finally getting married. My soon to be daughter-in-law, Chelsea, has honored me not only with accepting me as her mother-in-law, she is wearing the wedding veil my mother made for me over forty years ago AND she is allowing me to make her a bracelet to wear at the wedding. I found three bracelets that I thought she would like, so instead of asking her to choose, I decided to make all three. To night is her birthday dinner, so I am going to present all three of them to her. My favorite is this one I have aptly named Mother of Groom Pearl Bracelet.


This is a very simple but eloquent design consists entirely of rhinestone spacers, pearls and a clasp. I used Beadalon Wildfire .15mm bead weaving thread to string the beads in an alternating pattern of two pearls then a spacer bar on both rows.  To complete this bracelet, you will need beading string,  a needle ( I use large eye), a clasp, ten spacers and 44 pearls. I used 6mm pearls, but really any type of pearl or crystal or bead will work.


Here is a link to the other two bracelets: Chelsea’s Choice and Embellished Right Angle Weave Wedding Bracelet.

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