Climbing Jane’s Ladder II

quilt pieced_resizedAs promised in my first post regarding Jane’s Ladder, I’m posting an update on my progress. After much work, I finished piecing the quilt together. My husband is holding the quilt for me. He didn’t want to be in the picture, so I told him to hold it high and then we’d only see his feet. I was feeling so proud of myself. I had followed my own advice (well, sort of) and had taken my time to assure that I had it pieced together right. I found many mistakes in the blocks when I was ironing the seams open which meant I had to rip them out and resew them correctly. I made sure when I was laying out the blocks in a pattern that each of the diagonals went in the same direction.

After looking at this photo, I realized the one thing I forgot to do when piecing the quilt—maintain the ABABAB and BABABA sequence of the quilt blocks. The “A” blocks had white in the upper left and lower right corners; the “B” blocks had color and patterns in those spaces. The first and second rows are right; ABABAB and BABABA, but the third row starts to diverge. I think this is actually where I stopped for the day and when I was able to get back to it a couple days later; I forgot the sequencing part of the pattern. Each of the next five rows contained sequencing errors, so I spent the entire evening ripping out the seams and repositioning the blocks. After four hours, I had most of them positioned correctly, but….I was pooped!


In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how I should go about piecing the quilt blocks  so I decided to piece each block in two rows together. In hindsight (isn’t that a great word?) I should have pieced by rows; that way it would have been easier to maintain the correct sequence.

So for now, I’ve climbed Jane’s Ladder, missed a few rungs and slipped down and am climbing to the top again!.

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