Jane’s Ladder–At the Top!

finished quilt
I finished the quilt yesterday. When it was done, I just sat there and held it for a while. My husband, whom I usually rope into holding the quilt for me to photograph, wasn’t home, so I had to resort to laying it out on the couch. When he got home he asked me, “so now that it’s done, what are you going to do with it?” My answer, “I don’t know. Look at it, I guess”. That’s kind of the truth though. I don’t have any plans for it. It’s an odd size, 46″ x 52″ so there’s really nothing it will fit on. I just like it and it is the very first quilt I have ever finished. And a big thanks to Missouri Star Quilt Company for their helpful videos on machine binding!

scalloped edge
I used a scalloped stitch for the binding at the suggestion of the binding video on Missouri Star Quilt Company’s You Tube and although it is very cute, it takes waaaayyy more time to do this stitch than it would a regular straight stitch. On one side I was just sewing away and I’d stitched about 18″ when I realized I’d sewn all that length with no bobbin thread!

I decided to put the binding on the back first and wrap to the front because I knew there were some spots that the edges of the guilt blocks did not match and I wanted to be sure they were covered. This, of course, came about because some of my squares did not measure the same. Another beginner’s error.

My final problem was the mitered corners. They were a bugger. Two or three came out alright, but at least one of them just didn’t want to play nice.

I have another smaller quilt in the planning stages; just waiting for the fabric to arrive….so, stay tuned!


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