Bourbon Slush—Oh, So Good!

Let me start by first saying, I am not a bourbon drinker. Truth be told, I’m not much of a drinker at all, but this recipe is so delicious you could sit and imbibe for hours (and then continue to sit because you would probably wouldn’t be able to get up!)

One of the ladies brought this to our Choir Christmas party…that’s one good thing about being Lutheran, drinking is not frowned upon. (smiley face emoji). She got it from another friend who generously shared it with her.


1 cup sugar

2 cups brewed tea

12 oz frozen lemonade

6 oz frozen orange juice

1 1/2 cups bourbon

6 cups water- (add last to make sure your  container is big enough)


Mix together in a large serving bowl, cover and freeze overnight.

Take out about 30 minutes to one hour before serving.



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