Mondays–Vol. 2, Episode 11–I Got Rhythm Too

I got my rhythm back. Not that I have any more rhythm in my feet, at least now my heart is back in “sinus” rhythm. On Monday, I finally got clearance from the doctor to have the cardioversion that would hopefully restore my heart rate to normal. On one hand, I was so relieved, (it’s been five weeks of a heart rate between 105-120  beats per minute), on the other hand, there is always a little anxiety knowing someone was going to be messing with my heart in any manner. It’s a really short procedure; knock you out with IV propofol, zap your heart, and wake you back up. I was in and out of the cardiac cath lab in two and a half hours and it would have been sooner but they were running a little late. My heart rate this time around was not as fast as it was last year (almost to the day, last year it was Feb. 19) but it tended to rise whenever I exerted any type of effort.

Before. This is the machine they use to deliver the electric shock to the heart.

And the Great White Hunter, after spending the last week during frigid temperatures stuck in his room watching YouTube videos, was chomping at the bit to get out and use his recently rehabbed chain saw. Actually, if he’d had his way, he would have been out in the yard before the snow had even melted, but luckily with both his son and me saying “Nooooooooooooo”, he relented. Well, the “no” was more like, “fine, go climb the ladder in the snow with a chain saw, but if you fall and it cuts your leg off, don’t come crying to me.” As a compromise though, he got to cut off some smaller branches closer to the ground and that satisfied his urge to use loud tools and cut things up. Now I just have to get him to realize that he can’t just drop a large limb in the neighbor’s yard or in the street without permission. Not that something could possibly go wrong….but it usually does.


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