Memory Quilt


My oldest grandson turned 20 a couple weeks ago. He had completed one semester of college until it got too expensive for him to go, and  he decided not to go back. That’s probably good thing because as we all know, the Spring semester last year was cut short by the pandemic. He’s wanted to go into the military for some time now but when he talked about it, my daughter was very much against it due to the conflicts in the Middle East. But as he began his working career, he found that nothing really satisfied him, so he made the decision to enlist in the Army National Guard. He will be leaving for Bootcamp in a couple weeks. So for Christmas this year, I made him a “memory” quilt that included some special blocks and blocks of his photographs from high school and college. I knew what colors I wanted and thought the least expensive way to buy the fabric was by buying cotton shirts from a thrift store. I bought six shirts at $2 each which gave me more than enough quilt blocks.

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