Ehlmanns in America–The 1890s

The 1890s

I located two interesting pieces of history regarding Diedrich Ehlmann. The first was an application for a Civil War Pension filed on February 3, 1891 by the widow Maria Ehlmann. It is for Dietrich Ehlmann who served in K 4 USKC Mo. Inf. This appears to be the Diedrich, Sr. (1827)  whose Civil War records I referenced earlier, but this Diedrich Ehlmann didn’t die until 1916.

civil war pension dietrich ehlmann

An obituary in the January 28, 1891 St. Charles Cosmos speaks to the first Maria Ehlmann’s death:

Mrs. H. Diedrich Ehlmann died Tuesday of last week at her residence on Seventh and Monroe Streets, at the age of 58 years. The departed lady was a faithful member of the Lutheran church. The funeral took place Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock.

At the time of her death, they were living at 610 Monroe, St. Charles. No further information has been found regarding the name of “Mrs. H. Diedrich” but because of the address listed, this would have to have been Anna Maria Bekebrede Ehlmann.

The second was a marriage between Hermann Dietrich Ehlmann (widower) to M. Anna Maria Bekebrede (Kuhlhoff) May 19, 1892. It would appear that Anna Maria Bekebrede married Johann Christoff Kuhlhoff on June 10, 1847 and he died in 1888. I found a contract between Hermann Dietrich and Anna Kuhlhoff dated May 17, 1892 and reads as follows:

diedrich ehlmann to anna maria kuhlhoff marriage

The following agreement has been made and entered into, this the 17th day of May 1892 by and between Herman Diedrich Ehlmann party of the first part and Anna Maria Kohlhoff party of the second part all of the County of St. Charles and State of Missouri, to-wit: The said parties hereby have agreed and as such agree to marry each other, for and inconsideration thereof the part of the first part has sold, and by these presents do sell, convey and assign to said party of the second part for and during the natural life of said party of the second part, the following house  in which he now resides in the City and County of St Charles and State of Missouri, to-wit: Part of City Block number two hundred and seven (207) fronting ninety two feet on Monroe Street and running back southwardly with the same width, one hundred and twenty five (12) feet, bounded north by Monroe Street, east by lot 12 of the partition of R. Ross First National Bank, South by lot of Charlotte M. Shaw, west by lot of J. Meyer, and the said part of the first part further binds and obligates himself to pay on the day of their marriage to the party of the second part the sum of Six Hundred Dollars in cash money which shall be and remain the absolute property of said party of the second part, free from the control and interference of said party of the first part, and the said party of the first part hereby releases and relinquishes any right and interest which the law gives him as husband in the personal and real estate of said party of the second part, as that the said part of the second part shall have the right to control and dispose of the same without any interferences whatever of said party of the first part. For and in consideration thereof, the party of the second part hereby relinquishes and releases all rights of homestead, dower and whatever share she is or may be entitled to under the laws of Missouri as his widow, in the personal estate of the party of the first part so that she shall not have or acquire any interest whatever in the real and personal estate of said party of the first part by virtue and in consequence of the said marriage with him except what is given to her in this agreement. In testimony whereof the said contracting parties have hereunto set their and and affixed their seals this the seventeenth day of May 1892

Anna M. Ehlmann died May 20, 1905 and is buried in Immanuel’s Cemetery with Carol and Edwin Kuhlhoff.

Were both of Hermann Dietrich’s wife’s named Anna Maria Bekebrede? In today’s age, it probably wouldn’t happen but at that time, it very well could have been or there is an error somewhere.

Another confusing fact is the 1900 Census for St. Charles lists Diedrich, born Jan 12, 1827, age 73 and married for 35 years of Maria Ehlmann, born December 12, 1829. Dietrich immigrated in 1848 and they are residing on Washington Street in St. Charles.

Hermann Dietrich Ehlmann (son of Hermann Gerhard) was born August 26, 1856 in Hergergen, Hannover, Preussen and died December 20, 1930 in St. Charles. He married Maria Carolina Sophia Friedrike Bull August 1, 1880 in St. Charles. She was born November 4, 1860 in Finkenthal, Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany and died June 23, 1931 in St. Charles.
Their children were:

  • Gustav Christian Heinrich, born November 27, 1884 and died March 18, 1945, married Lissette Louise Wilhelmina Kisker, August 1, 1921.
  • Bertha Maria Cath. born Sept. 11, 1882, baptized Oct. 1, 1882, sponsors Maria Bull, Cath. Ehlmann, Christian Frundt, married M. Herm. Fritz Nesslage Sept. 20, 1905.
  • Johann Emil born September 1, 1887 and died August 1, 1921, and married Laura Kuhlmann
  • August H. born August 14, 1888 and died September 4, 1888
  • Emma K. born August 14, 1888 and died August 23, 1888.
  • Edwin Hermann born November 26, 1889 and died July 31, 1967 (married Martha Esselman)
  • Meta Sophia born May 28, 1893, married M. Heinrich Oetting Aug. 26, 1914
  • Linda Anna Friedrike born November 19, 1894 (married Herman Schone)
  • Martin Louis George born December 17, 1896 and died January 31, 1970.
herman dietrich ehlmann from Family search org
Hermann Dietrich Ehlmann b. 1856

Ehlmannns in the 1890 Tax Book St. Charles, Mo.

Dietrich Ehlmann Sr. (two listed), Dietrich Ehlmann, H. D. Ehlmann, Township 47 Range 4
H. D. Ehlmann, C’SC
Henry Ehlmann (2) Townshp 47 Range 4
Henry Ehlmann C’SC
Hermann Ehlmann, Township 46 Range 4

In 1892, Margareth Ehlmann, widow of Herman H. Moehlenkamp and  Herman Esselmann, widower of Mary Moehlenkamp, daughter of Herman H. Moehlenkamp, and Mary’s children, Catherine Esselman and her husband George, and Anna Moellering and August, her husband, John H. and Mary Moehlenkamp and Henry H. M. and Julia Moehlenkamp, all heirs of Herman H. Moehlenkamp who died in 1857, sold the property described on the Plat Map of 1875, as the land of Est. of H. Ehlmann to her son-in-law, Charles Oetting with whom she is living in 1880. The land was described as:

Part of the North half of Survey 308 and part of said half originally deeded to Herman H. Moehlenkamp by J. W. Moehlenkamp, being the middle piece, containing 36 acres, plus 2/3 of the Southeast fractional Quarter of Section 15 Township 46 North Rage 4 East part of Survey 308 containing 24 acres.

1900 Survey                                                     1875 Survey

Survey 1900  enlarged                                                                                                             1910 plat map closeup

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