Smiley Face – Day Four

foot 053113

Today was my first post-op visit with Dr. McFarland. Her nurse took my bandages off and my foot looks like it has been run over with a lawnmower. Sutures in three of my toes and a several inch incision on the top of my foot. Dr. McFarland says she had to use screws and pins in the top of my foot. She manipulated my little toe which caused excurciating pain and, of course, this is the only toe that she did not work on. She had wanted to do a bunionectomy on that toe, but the bunion has never bothered me, the little toe has. She was dismayed that it causes me pain and we had never discussed it. I told her I guess because it has hurt me my whole life, that I didn’t even think about it. She said she would have fixed it but I told her not to. I thought I told her not to do the bunion but go ahead and fix the toe. She said now maybe with the other toe no lying on top of the little toe so much that maybe the pain will get better. Boy, I sure hope so. I’d hateto go through all this and still have a toe that causes such burning pain. She said all my incisions look good and showed me how I have to strap down my two toes to keep them from sticking up. I think that was something that I did the last time I had surgery, about 20 year ago, but obviously, didn’t do a very good job of it.

I had to go and have x-rays done and then I treated Jennifer to breakfast and we made a quick trip to Michaels so I could get some beading wire. By that time, I was pretty well done in. Came home and took a pain pill and now am kicked back in my chair. Bad weather predicted again for tonight.

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