Who Bent My Toe – Day Five

IMG_0728 smaller
Today was my first time changing my bandages. I got everything at Walgreens and sat down on the toilet in the bathroom. My daughter warned me not to drop the Betadine swab on the floor because it would stain. Just what I would need. I swear my foot looks like it belongs on a bloated dead body. I told Dr. McFarland that yesterday. She didn’t seem to agree. lol. My first toe is misshapen and the last two knuckles makes the toe stick up in the air. The middle toe isn’t so bad and the fourth toe I guess she didn’t do the same knuckle. But now that she has rearranged the position of that toe,the corn that has always existed on my baby toe has become incredibly painful.

By the time my left foot is healed, my right foot will probably be a mess. It’s already hurting me. I believe I’m developing a neuroma on the ball of my foot. Last night I had to wobble to the basement as we once again had severe storms and actually had tonado touchdowns in the St. Charles County area. Hopefully, the severe weather is gone for a while. Not only did I have to compete with my foot raised on several pillows, I had to try to sleep through a thunder storm when the only thing I wanted to do is make a pallet on the floor and sleep with the dogs.

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