More Uses for Saran Wrap – Day Six

IMG_0730 smaller
Day Six of my healing process. I’m so impatient. The swelling on the left side of my foot is definitely less, but my toes still look as if Dr. Frankenstine sewed them on. I took advantage today of Jennifer being an RN and had her come over and change my dressing. Definitely a better job than I did yesterday.

I decided to take a shower today and it wasn’t until I was in the shower with my foot all wrapped up that I realized the prohibition for getting the bandage wet was probably just for the first three days since I am now able to change my own dressing. I decided to use saran wrap and wrapped my foot entirely up with the wrap, put it in a plastic bag and then taped the bag to my leg. Didn’t get any water in it. I was carrying the box of saran wrap out of the bedroom and I said to my son “Hey, I found a new use for saran wrap, I wrapped my foot in it”. He looked at me and said “I was wondering what you were doing with saran wrap in your bedroom, but I wasn’t going to ask”. LOL. Awkward.

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