Kumihimo Three Color Spiral

3 color sprial

This pattern was generously shared by Justyna Pietrzyk on one of the Facebook beading sites I follow. It was developed with the Kumihimo Bead Designer program. I love the larger spiral. This is am 8 strand braid made with size 8 seed beads and a glue-in  flowered magnetic clasp.

Update: Someone asked where to find the directions for Justyna’s bracelet. It took me a while to find it so to simplify matters I screen shotted (is that a word?) the directions in her comments. The link starts here: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=Justyna%20Pietrzyk

kumi 1kumi2kumi3kumi4kumi5kumi6



  1. Can you please be specific as to the facebook page where this free pattern was shared ? I would love to try it but don’t know how to access it on Facebook.

    • I’ll update this post with pictures of the braid pattern from Justyna Pietrzyk post on the Kumihimo page. It’s in the comments on her post but this might be easier.

  2. Just the pictures alone don’t help me. I need to see the specific directions for the three color spiral bracelet. Please give us the name of the Facebook group that you follow so we can see it there.

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